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How to choose ceramic tile

How to choose a tile model which is suitable for your cosy home easily & quickly ?? Xiaonuo here give you some suggestion, please click to get more relative info and knowledge.


How to distinguish the eligible and 1st grade tile??

For tiles with 1st grade, their cartons are marked with "1st grade", and for elegible tiles, their cartons are marked with "elegible"; both 1st grade and elegible tiles reach the ISO standard, and they can be regularly used for decoration, the difference between "1st grade" and "elegible" is the outlook quality and meas intolerance, such as spot on surface, mini hole, surface flatness, color difference , etc.


How to inspect the ceramic tile

There is the LOGO -NABEL on the back of the tile, they can only be sold in the real store except for the tiles sold on Tianmao internet, we take no responsibility for the tiles sold on the other internet.


Ceramic Tile has no radiation

The ceramic tile radiation is mainly generated from a raw material called "zirconium silicate", and the function of "zirconium silicate" is to add whiteness, in order to make tile body more white, some factories will add many "zirconium silicate" into the tiles, that will cause the high radiation;
NABEL products almost have no "zirconium silicate", instead, NABEL use a new formula which include high cost raw material to make tile body "transparent" and white( the patented formula: a kind of white porcelain tile, patent no: ZL2005 1 0009216.5), The radiation is very low;NABEL Ceramic tile passed the certification of "3C" and gained "China national environement symbol certificate", its products is conformity with GB6566A building material standard, they are National green building material products, and no worry about the radiation to use NABEL ceramic tiles.There exist the radiation for any natural substance, the ceramic tile radiation is more less than the natural marble or granite.


Ceramic Tile's anti-slip

The technical data to reflect the anti-slip ability is static friction coefficient which include two testing way, one is moist way, another is dry way, usually it is tested by dry way, usually the dry static friction coefficient of 0.5 is safe, while more than 0.6, its very dangerous;All NABEL tile's static friction coefficient is less than 0.55, they are safe, but protection measure should be taken for the tiles to be installed in special areas.。

Ceramic tile category

According to China national standard GB/T4100, per dry pressed tile water absorption(E), tiles can be classified with 5 category:Porcelain Tiles,Stoneware Porcelain Tiles,Fine Stoneware T…

Fitting and Installing way

Usually, for rectified tiles, should leave gap of 1-2mm, while for unrectified tiles, leave around 3mm, to achieve a special effect, can add the gap width.