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Marvelous creation excels nature, NABEL SIMM MARBLE Play with "Master demeanour"

​  On 28th July, The news conference for “NABEL SIMM MARBLE-China firstly promoted global new generation of ceramic” attracted more than 600 persons, including ceramic industry expert、magnate、esteemed media as well as  many indoor designers. The new developed NABEL SIMM MARBLE tile not only redefine the tile’s concept and also let designers have the resonance for the tile’s designing and space application

At the conference spot, The vice president of R/D department of NABEL Mr. Simon and the Hongkong famous designer Mr Chen Feijie uncovered the secret mask in term of tile’s technology and household designing

  Respect the nature   Quality mood generated automatically

  Per Mr. Simon’s introduction, as global new generation of ceramic tile, SIMM MARBLE uses the porcelain surface layer to substitute traditional glaze surface layer, uses the ink jet printing soluble salt to substitute screen printing

  Its direct presence is to  accomplish the state that respect the nature and with homogenous body, making It owns the dimensional vivid texture and homogenous body, therefore , the cutting side has the same color and texture as the surface. After designer’s careful work, SIMM MARBLE’s warm touching feeling、vivid texture、homogenous body make the decoration effect more natural and vivid、noble and elegant. This is matched with Mr. Chen Feijie’s designing concept. Per his opinion, the household designing should focus on people heart and soul feeling instead of the splendid appearance

  More important, SIMM MARBLE design pattern has more steady and continuity compared with natural stones

  Mr Simon explained that every piece of SIMM Marble implies NABEL MAN’s reverent heart and technical spirit. We hope we can give designer more option via both application and decoration. After checking the SIMM Marble, the vice chairman of CIID、master designer Mr. Song Weijian evaluated it as “new blue-eyed boy” with great appreciation.

  A marvelous creation excels nature    Quality life acquired easily

  。So  what is the present household designing trend?? Mr. Chen Feijie deemed that the current world designing trend is turned to “simple and plain”. It is inclined to absorb inspiration from Nature, tracing the cross point between tile and natural stone

 Famous designer Mr. Chen Feijie from HK

  And how about the practical application outcome for SIMM MARBLE?? Based  on the application of ink jet printing soluble salt technology, SIMM MARBLE presents its abundant color tone and texture which is beyond natural stone via the  vivid clear pattern, homogenous body, warm touching feeling.

  The first promoted SIMM MARBLE series includes 34 different color and patterns, 60 models which include “Fish white”, “Black Golden” etc noble category, the marvelous creation excels nature, specially produced for high end customers. Mr. Simon deemed that the transparent “Fish white” reaches a special mood just like the poem;”The sky color for broken cloud after rain, just stands for the future color tone” , he said that he would become active and mind-fresh when seeing this tile in the show room although felt very tired because of hard work. While Shana beige、Oman beige、Classic European Beige、 Elizabeth、Carrara White、Silver marten Grey、Romain Golden etc are play as “Master demeanour”. Further more, the crystal transparence and warm fine texture bring us a luxurious、noble atomosphere.

  Humble luxury    Using the quality space freely

  So, how is the SIMM MARBLE used in household decoration?? Per its variety of designing element, SIMM MARBLE can be designed as “Chinese style”,”American Style”,”European Style”,”Modern Style”, catering for variety of household decoration, like living room、Kitchen、bedroom、bath room and even swimming pool.。At the conference spot, Mr. Chen Feijie showed us the actual case for SIMM MARBLE decoration for high end household 、private leisure rest place and commercial public space.


  Application case-SIMM MARBLE decorated in bath room

  For high end customer’s customized  household design in private villa, SIMM MARBLE can combine both the classic and modern elements perfectly to present a low-key simple European style.  No matter for living room、kitchen、bed room or for private swimming pool, they are all perfectly and freely applied. The rational and wise attitude initiated a residential high quality life attitude. For the decoration of high end private leisure and rest place or commercial public space, SIMM MARBLE presents both the classic and Eastern element, perfectly presenting a low-key luxury modern Chinese style, making the space design quality and commercial environment perfectly combined with each other.

   At this conference spot, Mr. Chen Feijie expressed that he deeply understood the concept of “ Technology traces back nature, design traces reality”, and this is matched with the current low-key luxury, simple nature high end residential decoration trend, NABEL SIMM MARBLE lead the quality of the whole ceramic industry, so we dare to start install the SIMM MARBL for our future commercial space, including our residential household space.SIMM MARBLE will become the unique choice for global high end customer


  About Nabel SIMM MARBLE

  SIMM MARBLE is one of the new category developed for wall and floor area, it was firstly developed by NABEL GROUP, applied with innovative technology to make superior ceramic tile

  Innovative technology:Four core technologies——Surface course decorated covering technology、Inkjet penetrating technology、Multi-charge full body technology、Micron-grade surface treating technology;They are called SIMM-TECH in short.SIMM-TEC,two items gained invention patent,three items gained patent for utility models (ZL201110309097.0、 ZL201210331440.6、ZL201520223517.7、ZL201520273310.0、ZL201520273496.X)。

  Superior Ceramic Tile: its surface layer is made by porcelain material, ink jet printing, high temperature firing and micron grade finishing. Compared with the regular glazed porcelain tile (such as glazed & polished porcelain tile, crystal polished porcelain tile), it has better anti-abrasion, warm surface touching feeling, more vivid surface veins, suitable for all kinds of building’s internal and external wall and floor decoration

  About Hangzhou Nabel Group

  Nabel Group was established in 1992, after 24 years’ continual development, it has become the first selected ceramic tile supplier and producer for global high quality customers, its sales turnover reached the top level position for the last continual 23 years for single brand in ceramic tile industry, Currently under NABEL flagship, there include SIMM MARBLE series、Gem stone series、Joy stone series、CESAN Impression series and variety of other accessory tiles, and generating lot of new decorative design concept, offering perfect product and service for global high quality customers.