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The new pioneer "Full-body" Simm-Tec Porcelain Tile” of Nabel shake the world

The new pioneer "Full-body" Simm-Tec Porcelain Tile” of Nabel shake the world

(Fifth generation of Simm-Tec Porcelain Tile)


As an industry leader, in April of 2020, Nabel relies on its own technological innovation to push forward technological changes in the industry, leading the industry to a new level of "real full-body", leading the industry into a more "real" and even the most "real" era, laying a solid foundation for the future development of the industry and opening a new chapter in the history of construction ceramic tile industry in the world.

Full-body Simm Marble tile-realize the full body of texture, material and colors

"Full-body" Simm-Tec porcelain tiles (fifth generation of Simm-Tec Porcelain Tile), the world's pioneer porcelain marble tile to achieve "full-body" technology, for the first time to achieve "full-body" texture, material and color, to achieve the decorative effect of the tile body and the surface.

The adoption of Nabel's pioneer technology in the world, the intelligent texture full-body technology, is another major technological innovation in the industry following the micron-level "Inkjet Penetrating" technology of Simm Marble tiles. It is a new technology that can realize the full body texture of surface and body for ceramic tile.

The new Marble Tile Contains two patent technology

Pisa White

Calacatte Grey

High-precision multicolor full-body technology-inputting required tile body decoration texture in a digital way, flexible and controllable graphic changes, and solving the difficult problem of tile body decoration.

Intelligent identification and alignment technology-through the layout intelligent digital identification system, it is associated with digital ink-jet decoration, making the surface correspond to the texture and color of the tile body, thus solving the difficult problem that the surface and the body cannot be matched as full-body.

Breakthrough of Core Difficulty in Technological Development Process

Nabel has joined forces with three countries and five major institutions, and top experts at home and abroad have set up a project team of more than 300 people, which has lasted more than 700 working days and invested hundreds of millions of RMB in research and development, thus creating an industry revolution and breaking through two major difficulties:

For the first time, the ceramic tile industry has realized the diversification of tile body decoration;

For the first time in the industry, the tile body and the surface decoration texture correspond to each other, thus truly realizing the “Full Body”.


Nabel will apply this new technology for our big size Porcelain Slab soon, let’s cheer for the coming technology innovation for the world.