Nabel appeared at the 2022 Xiamen Stone Fair, bringing a wonderful space trend of "rock"!
Updated 2022-08-03 08:39:09

On July 30, 2022, the 22nd Xiamen International Stone Fair was held in Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center, bringing together 1100+ exhibitors from all over the world, bringing together many senior brands, designers, curators and other industry elites. This is the beginning of a wonderful play about rocks.


"Natural symbiosis "rock" creates the future", as the leader of the porcelain slab industry, Nabel Porcelain Slabs, with a new interpretation of the "harmonious relationship between man and nature", returns strongly! Concentrate on expressing the infinite possibilities of this aesthetic feast, together with people to imagine a beautiful new realm of symbiosis between nature and home design.


Through the "stone void"

A taste of desert space aesthetics

Surprise one

In this Xiamen exhibition, the Nabel Pavilion takes the desert as the inspiration element, presenting the unique desert space in front of the world, leading people to appreciate the legendary desert natural environment, and then return to the wonderful space journey of a modern home. 

The facade of the pavilion is engraved with the rock pattern of the Gobi Desert, and the undulating shape of the sand dunes is freehand, which makes you feel majestic when you see it. When approached and touched, the rough surface reminded the exhibitors of the past of sandstone, and also had a dialogue with the space of thousands of years, facing the thickness and accumulation of nature. The gravel and plants on the platform create a natural ecological sense. The integration of natural and philosophical design, and the interpretation of the expanded space scene, bring people to the boundless desert universe, while making people recall the history of civilization that once tried to conquer nature, and then revered nature and nature coexisted and proliferated.


The natural environment constructed by the product texture and natural features breaks the inherent constraints and realizes the multi-dimensional interaction between people and space. Turning into the exhibition hall, the vast desert instantly turned into a secret oasis. The simple and elegant home furnishings create a place for rest and communication; the smart and beautiful porcelain slab is displayed on the wall like a painting, making the site visitors linger.

Inside and outside the exhibition hall are very lively. The home art space embraces people and echoes the external desert aesthetics. People emerge inspiration and philosophical thoughts in nature, and nature gives people magnificent feelings and feedback, which freezes the frame by frame of the beauty of the harmony between man and nature.



Listen to "Stone Language"

A glimpse of the new ecology of porcelain slab

surprise two

The overall beauty of the exhibition space is inseparable from the perfect combination of every structure and product. At the exhibition, the Nabel porcelain slab pavilion stunned the audience with its unique artistic sense. At the same time, the material selection area set up inside the pavilion also exhibited many representative Nabel porcelain slab products.


All Nabel exhibitors warmly received the exhibitors and introduced the brand culture, porcelain slab characteristics and craftsmanship to them. Representatives of the group, with their insights in the industry, were interviewed by Taocheng News, China and other media, and also brought immersive exploration trips to fashion and trend home furnishing bloggers and online and offline audiences, revealing the secrets of the "desert universe" The design concept of the concept pavilion shares the most cutting-edge application trends of porcelain slab.

The detailed explanation on the spot and the appearance and quality of the porcelain slabs made the guests feel that their trip was worthwhile. And you can touch the porcelain slab products at close range, savor every inch of texture, and interpret the reproduction and freeze-frame of each product to nature. This open interaction also attracts Xiaohongshu fashion trend home blogger - Master Faye Come to explore. The charm of Nabel porcelain slab made her an eye-opener, and the continuous output of exploration vlogs and exquisite pictures has achieved a surge in the voice of Nabel's brand "rock".


This exploration activity was also broadcast live on the official flagship store of Nabel Tmall, allowing everyone to be there without leaving home and feel the charm of the porcelain slab, attracting thousands of netizens to visit the exhibition "cloud" and make promises Bell porcelain slab made a call, bringing the exhibition to a climax. For a time, the "rock" value of the Nabel Porcelain slabs showed a trend of breaking the circle.


During the exhibition, behind the bustling and high popularity of the Nabel Pavilion was the embodiment of Naobel's porcelain slabs' craftsmanship and excellent design. This exhibition also showed Nabel's latest high-quality porcelain slab products. In order to make each piece of porcelain slab capture the magic of nature, Nabel porcelain slab adopts the world's first porcelain slab porcelain throwing production process system, uses NET-TEC texture product technology to give the product a natural texture, and uses SIMM-TEC color product technology to make the product more immersive. The tactile and visual experience of the three-dimensional color, and the MDC-TEC multi-path intelligent color processing technology and GIS-TEC pre-burning color rendering technology ensure the true color and fine texture. The four major product technologies truly organically combine natural aesthetics with technology. Nabel porcelain slab is also well versed in creating a high-quality home environment, and the control of details is particularly important, as well as the latest thin-board hidden frame installation process and facade porcelain slab dry-hanging process to ensure the perfect integration of products and home atmosphere.

Drawing inspiration from nature and taking action, Nabel porcelain slab reproduces the natural colors and textures created by the great creator with powerful technological methods, innovative craftsmanship and excellent design concepts, endows products and spaces with natural beauty, and satisfies users' continuous upgrading life needs and the pursuit of high-quality products.



Witness the "stone thing"

Cohesion to explore the future of porcelain slab

surprise three

Building materials related to people from all over the world came to the exhibition in an endless stream, and Nabel's booth was even more grand and full. The on-site staff also actively displayed and tested the porcelain slab, and the negotiation scene in the exhibition hall was very hot.

Nabel also signed contracts with many prospective partners at the exhibition site, and the fruitful results show the strong brand potential of Nabel.

Nabel has always insisted on innovation-driven transformation and upgrading. It has three major production bases, 100 million annual production capacity, and a number of best-selling product lines. The whole process helps partners to seize the porcelain slab outlet and share the wealth feast.