Nabel in Bologna Fair! Made in China goes international!
Updated 2022-10-26 09:49:16

As the "world vane of ceramic trends", the 2022 International Ceramics and Sanitary Ware Exhibition (CERSALE) in Bologna, Italy, was grandly opened on September 26.


Hundreds of ceramic sanitary ware companies, architects and interior design teams, and industry media from around the world will gather here. Nabel will also bring new products to the public, reinterpreting the story from China, inheriting high-end Chinese manufacturing, and starting a "legendary" world tour.


Reappearing on the international stage, Nabel composes a chapter in China

In this year's Bologna exhibition, the Nabel brand pavilion appeared in a simple white style. The entire exhibition hall is based on a white curved display wall. Under extreme simplicity, the layout of the exhibition areas is well-proportioned, and the streamlined arrangement makes the entire exhibition space full of flexibility and atmosphere.


The halo created by the lights of the exhibition hall, combined with this minimalist style, highlights each exhibition area just right. Walking through the exhibition hall is like being in an art space. Every sintered slab product is a fine art piece to be savored.





On the display wall of the brand pavilion, Nabel displayed the mainstream colors of its sintered slab in different sample forms, such as marble, color system, cement system, texture system, etc., which not only fully demonstrated the product characteristics, but also made the exhibition hall more display. Diversity of art. Many of the products on display have their own original stories, which are inspired by nature and integrate innovative research and development technologies to fully demonstrate the power of Nabel's products and add a unique touch to the pavilion.






As an "old friend" of the Bologna fair, 2022 will be the fifth year of Nabel's participation in the exhibition. Nabel, from the country of Chinese etiquette, will bring unexpected gifts every time——

In 2016, Nabel's first battle in Bologna brought the world's first Nabel porcelain-throwing bricks using SIMM-TEC technology. The Nabel Unglazed Porcelain Tiles, Sinian V-life series and Natural Impression series, in 2018, Nabel "C" debuted, with the large-slab unglazed porcelain tiles and wood fossil series. In 2019, Nabel brought Unglazed porcelain slabs, and the display of ceramic slab product applications is added to reflect the final applicable scene of the product to customers in the form of kitchen countertops, furniture, cabinet panels, etc.







The new sintered slabs made a strong debut and won praise from all walks of life on the scene

On the first day of the launch on September 26, the authoritative media in the domestic industry, Taocheng News, brought the famous Italian designer Marta Meda to visit. Xia Zhenghua, manager of Nabel's foreign trade department, took him to visit the entire Nabel brand pavilion and introduced the pavilion in detail. The design concept and the highlight products are on display.

Nabel's two new sintered slabs and many best-selling products have been praised by designers again and again. Nabel's strength is obvious to all!




The exhibition site was full of people, and there was an endless stream of exhibitors. Visitors from abroad and many big coffees stopped to like and affirmed Nabel; international merchants were even more interested in the products, and they consulted and understood the staff. related processes.






At the Bologna exhibition, Nabel Ceramics fully displayed the "Chinese ceramic tile" image of "higher appearance", "higher quality" and "updated technology", and every detail conveyed the strength of "high-end Chinese manufacturing" to the world with confidence!


Ingenuity plays a melody, strength witnesses brilliance

Nabel has received such widespread attention at the Bologna Exhibition. It is precisely the rise of Chinese power behind high-end Chinese manufacturing, and the continuous investment in technology and product research and development in recent years and technological innovation that surpasses international standards.


Similarly, at the 10th China-Italy Ceramics Design Award in this year's international competition, Nabel was still affirmed by his strength and won three awards in one fell swoop. Among them, the Nabel Color Touch Series and Cezanne Impression Dunhuang Rock Color Mogao Series won the "Creative Gold Award" respectively, and the Nabel Wood Fossil Series won the "Stone Slab Excellence Award".






At this Bologna Exhibition, Nabel's power circle is a Chinese force that cannot be ignored at the Bologna Exhibition. Nabel's "every move" has also become a model for the international ceramic industry to focus on and learn from.


Nabel creates high-end quality with innovation and achieves fine life with science and technology. In the future, Nabel will continue to adhere to technological innovation and create a healthy and high-quality life for users! Let the world feel the extraordinary progress of "Made in China" on the international stage, show extraordinary splendor, and lead Chinese ceramics to the world!


Nabel sincerely hopes to meet more Chinese counterparts at the Bologna exhibition in the future, bring Chinese technology to Italy, and let Chinese brands lead the world!